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Craigslist SCAM – Seller beware

While cleaning up my house and preparing to down-size, I decided to sell a few items on Craigslist. I’ve done this many time before and have found Craigslist to be a very helpful forum to sell items quickly.  Within hours of my post today I started receiving multiple text messages asking me to email them immediately if the item was still for sale. Craigslist hides your email for your protection and I knew something was up.

Guide to Optimizing your Content for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO isn’t one thing, it’s a practice, it’s an art. Google and other search engines rate your website and its content with positive and negative points. If you get as many of the positive points as possible, your content and website will do well in natural organic searches. The better the natural results, the less you need to supplement with paid advertising.

Learning SEO takes hard work, a lot of research, time and dedication. For me, it became a true passion of mine almost 20 years ago. I love what I do and I get results.

Stop the SPAM – Email Marketing Best Practices

For the love of GOD, please get PERMISSION to add someone to your email marketing lists. I am currently battling a ridiculous amount of email spam (at least 10 per hour) so I’m passionate about the subject and frustrated with the etiquette.

There are plenty of ways to grow your email list while asking someone if they would like to receive communication from you or your company. It’s all about taking advantage of timing and opportunity.

  • Use a paper sign up sheet – Sometimes keeping it simple is best. Have one ready and place by the cash register in your store or on your table at a trade show booth.
  • Analyze your current database – Ask anyone who is already signed-up for email marketing if they would like to join. Show them the value and offer an incentive.
  • Ask while you are on the phone – Sales people and customer service representatives have an opportunity to ask someone while they are on the phone. Set-up a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to make it easy for your team.
  • Add a sign-up form to your Facebook page – make it easy for your fans to join. These forms can be connected to some email management programs like Constant Contact.

Here’s a few tips for digital marketer’s working with email marketing, IT professionals trying to stop email SPAM, or business owners looking for answers.

Springtime in Mount Olive New Jersey

Spring is by far my favorite season of the year in Mount Olive NJ. I love watching the grass grow, the flowers bloom, and leaves returning to all the trees. I love the smell of a soft rain and fresh earth. I am surprised to find several plants that made it through some harsh New Jersey winters have died this year – azaleas, rhododendron, holly and a waxy leafed bush I can’t remember the name of.