Springtime in Mount Olive New Jersey

Spring is by far my favorite season of the year in Mount Olive NJ. I love watching the grass grow, the flowers bloom, and leaves returning to all the trees. I love the smell of a soft rain and fresh earth. I am surprised to find several plants that made it through some harsh New Jersey winters have died this year – azaleas, rhododendron, holly and a waxy leafed bush I can’t remember the name of.

Red Fox Mount Olive NJWe enjoy sitting on the back porch watching our own little wild kingdom come alive in the backyard. Grey squirrels, rabbits, red fox, chipmunks, ground hogs, frogs, snakes, birds, bats, butterflies, deer, and the occasional black bear.

Sometimes, I can still see my children, step-children, and all their friends swinging in the hammock, building a fire in the fire pit, throwing the Frisbee or jumping on the trampoline. So many fond memories of their childhood.

Now I look forward to quiet days, a cool breeze, and watching my garden grow. So excited, soon there will be a little grandchild following the footsteps of my children – enjoying all the wonders of springtime in Mount Olive New Jersey.


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